Our Expertise

Editorial Guidelines

Veritas Health websites employ a rigorous review and editing process to evaluate content for accuracy and originality. There are many types of resources on our websites, including articles, blogs, videos, and more. All articles are peer-reviewed, which follow the Editorial Guidelines below. Blogs, videos, and special features undergo medical review.

All articles published on Veritas Health websites must be:

  1. Written by a health professional who specializes in the relevant content area.
  2. Blind peer-reviewed by members of our Medical Advisory Board, which means reviewing and editing the content before it is published and without knowing the identity of the author.

This process is modeled after medical journals and ensures articles are reviewed with integrity and objectivity. In addition to the blind peer-review process, defining elements of our editorial process include:

  • The content is aligned with the gold standard in medicine, meaning "authoritative or recognised exemplar of quality or correctness."
  • All of our content is based on scientific resources and primary sources.
  • Authors do not promote themselves or their individual approach to treatment.
  • When the research is not clear, it is noted in the article, with phrases such as
    • “More research is needed to fully understand the efficacy of said treatment” or
    • “Anecdotal evidence suggests that this approach may be effective, and risks are minimal;”

The above editorial process is deliberately in contrast to the widely available practice of health websites that offer a series of pamphlet-type articles, each claiming to be ideal treatment options.

The vast majority of our authors work with us on a voluntary basis as they also have a desire to create health information people can easily access and trust to help them make better health decisions.

Our Medical Advisory Board provides oversight, using their expertise to enhance the quality and verify the accuracy of our content. This high-quality editorial process results in education that is comprehensive, in-depth and noncommercial--simply a better source of health information for consumers. In fact, doctors often “prescribe” our content to their patients so that they can better understand their health conditions.

We are not owned or influenced by any company that sells products, devices, or pharmaceuticals. All advertisements and sponsorships are clearly identified and labeled.

Editorial Team

The Veritas Health editorial team is knowledgeable, experienced, and above all, dedicated to empowering people with the health information they want. Editors work closely with health professionals to produce accurate, comprehensive information.


Jennifer Flynn

Jennifer is a Senior Editor and works with health professionals to develop articles for Veritas Health websites. She received a BS in Journalism and an MS in Family and Consumer Journalism from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. She completed a graduate internship in health communication at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, MD.


Greg McConnell

Greg is a Senior Editor and works with health professionals to develop articles for Veritas Health websites, often focusing on cervical spine conditions. He has over 15 years of health writing experience and received a BS in Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Sherine Varghese

Sherine is a Senior Editor and works with health professionals to develop articles for Veritas Health websites, often focusing on head and neck conditions. She received a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Bapuji Dental College and Hospital and a certification in clinical trial management from the Institute of Clinical Research, India.

Medical Review Process for Videos and Animations

To ensure the highest degree of quality and accuracy, each Veritas Health video and animation must undergo an extensive production process before publication:

  1. A member of our Medical Advisory Board medically reviews each script.
  2. Medical illustrators produce a preliminary version of a video or animation based on the approved script.
  3. This preliminary version is reviewed by the Medical Advisory Board member. Once approved, the final version is produced.

Veritas Health applies this multi-step process in order to develop the most anatomically precise, user-friendly videos and animations available.

Our Medical Animators/ Illustrators

Our illustrators and animators aim to clearly communicate even the most complex health situations. They use their Masters-level training in biomedical visualization and collaborate with our editors to produce visual content that is medically accurate and easy to understand.


Molly Huttner

Molly is a medical animator and illustrator who produces illustrations, animated gifs, and videos to help simplify complex medical concepts. She received an MS in Biomedical Visualization from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a BS in Kinesiology and Health from Miami University, OH.


Eleanor Milman

Eleanor is a medical animator and illustrator whose work depicts health conditions, anatomy, medical procedures, and biological processes that are difficult to communicate with words alone. She received an MS in Biomedical Visualization from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a BA in Psychology from McGill University.