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Veritas Health sites create valuable content for people seeking trusted health information.

Spine-health offers unbiased, high-quality resources on symptoms, diagnoses, and treatments of back and neck pain, empowering people to make informed health decisions.

Arthritis-health provides in-depth, user-friendly content for people who seek to understand, prevent, and pursue treatment for arthritis and related conditions.

Sports-health meets the growing demand for trusted information on sports health and injuries, creating useful, medically rigorous content for an active audience.

Pain-health delivers hopeful, uniquely robust content for people who seek to understand, manage, and consider treatment for chronic pain and related conditions.

Veritas Health connects an audience of millions to trusted health content, qualified physicians, and a supportive online community.

Advertising Solutions

Branded Content


With Veritas Health’s branded content opportunities, you can capture attention and create high-quality engagement with a targeted, motivated audience in a brand-safe environment.

Education Center
This custom-built landing page is dedicated entirely to your brand and topic of choice. Features include editorial-quality content, graphics, videos, and calls-to-action.

Sponsored Pages
Articles relevant to your brand showcase you as the sponsor. Display your name and logo and take over all the ad spaces, which link directly to your site.

Sponsored Video
We host and highlight your educational video on our platform, engaging viewers with your brand and topic of interest.

Medical Group & Individual Profiles
Customizable pages promote your practice and physicians in an ad-free space, providing a one-stop-shop of information and links for our audience to contact you.

Digital Media


With Veritas Health’s digital media opportunities, you can build awareness of your brand alongside our trusted content, targeting specific geo-locations and brand-related topics with high-visibility placement.

Native Advertisements
Your brand messaging is strategically integrated within the body of our trusted editorial content for unique “native” exposure.

Banner Advertisements
Your brand messaging is prominently displayed next to our trusted editorial content for high-volume, attention-grabbing exposure.

Pre-Roll Video
Our high-quality, high-traffic videos play your non-skippable ad at the beginning of the video, maximizing exposure while remaining unobtrusive.

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What Our Readers Are Saying

"The pain threw me in search of answers, information, and support. Discovered your site and it has been so informative and helpful in understanding my condition and treatment options."
- Ed S., Reader

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for your organized, step-by-step, approach to delivering information on L4-5 herniated disk, DDD, Spondylolisthesis, and bone spurs. The site answered in an intelligent but concise manner.
- Janice, Reader

"I just read one of your articles on shoulder replacement... I thought it was well-written and gave a great summary of the proper workup and rehabilitation for a shoulder arthroplasty. Most importantly, it is a realistic and unbiased viewpoint of what someone can expect."
- Physician

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