What we're about

We put patients first

This foundational tenet is a direct corollary to the spirit of the Hippocratic Oath, which all physicians take: "First do no harm." This commitment is most important and obvious when it comes to our content. Our editorial expertise combined with our blind peer-review process means that consumers get the content they need to better understand and manage their health.

Whenever we do something new, we ask if it is in the consumer's interest. From screening physicians for inclusion in the Doctor Directory to our outstanding moderators nourishing an overall positive tone on our support forums, we put consumers first.

It's best to do one thing really, really well

We are a publisher. First and foremost, we publish health information. The content we publish is expertly written and edited, accurate, balanced, and comprehensive. More than that, it is richly detailed and compelling. We publish information in a variety of formats—text and visual, peer reviewed and conversational, online and offline.

The high quality of our content provides a foundation for all that we do: attaining high search results and social media popularity, providing a steady stream of consumer engagement for our doctor members, and attracting advertisers.

A selection of high-quality content is better than lots of low-quality content

The world is filled with re-purposed, high-level, uninspired content. When we produce content, we seek to craft work that is 400% better than anything previously available—better in terms of rich, detailed descriptions, completeness, and balance. Everyone involved in content production—our editors and writers, animators, peer reviewers, SEO specialists, forum moderators—works hard to ensure that each piece of content is totally unique and the absolute highest quality possible.

People should access information in the format most meaningful to them

This company was founded as an Internet publisher of health information. Going forward, we are building capabilities to deliver the same high-quality information in multiple formats and on multiple platforms: mobile/responsive for phones and tablets, print and ebooks, newsletters, videos—and we're translating everything into Spanish and other languages. We believe it is important that consumers are able to find high-quality, accurate educational content in whatever format they are most comfortable with.

Our success is driven by an elite team

Our work is challenging. We set a much higher bar for both quality and productivity than most and we compete in markets and technology that are rapidly changing. But at the end of the day, we believe that these challenges can be fun, inspiring, and rewarding. As a team, and as each individual, we seek constant and high-quality day-to-day performance, as well as significant innovative achievements—all of which contribute to our overall and continued success.

Our atmosphere is casual, but also intense and focused. Our people are competitive, but also kind and helpful. Our company is growing quickly, but also thoughtfully. We believe this combination sets the stage for long-term, sustainable and significant impact, both in business and in humanity.

Our team works in close collaboration with the best physicians and health care practitioners. This collaboration starts with our esteemed Medical Advisory Board and extends to over 100 Contributing Authors.

Our work makes the world a little better

When people are in pain—especially chronic pain—it is difficult for them to lead the fulfilling and meaningful lives to which they aspire. Severe pain can lead to failure, despair, and loss of one's will to live.

Through our content, we provide health information people can trust, information that doctors don’t have time to communicate, information to help make better treatment decisions—information to give them hope for a life with less or no pain.

We help people with chronic pain when and how they most need it.