Patient Education

Since 1999 the Company has provided patient education that is uniquely trustworthy:

  • The sites are developed by health professionals who are specialists in the relevant content areas. All videos and articles are developed by doctors and then independently peer reviewed by members of the Medical Advisory Board.
  • The peer review process is similar to a Medical Journal, meaning that it is 1) blind - the author and reviewer do not know who each other are, and 2) prospective - all the reviewing, rewriting and editing are done prior to publication.
  • Articles that do not meet our patient education quality standards are turned down.
  • Authors do not promote themselves or their individual approach to treatment; all articles and videos represent the generally recognized standard of care in the medical community.
  • Controversial topics are clearly represented as such
  • Advertisements are clearly labeled
  • No commercial companies or authors can publish articles that appear like patient education but in fact are promoting that doctor or commercial company

This high quality editorial process results in patient education that is comprehensive, in-depth and noncommercial - simply a better source of information for patients.

And doctors like it too - 18% of the site's visitors come directly through a recommendation from their doctor.