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Veritas Health websites and services are a collaborative effort of thousands of doctors and health experts - all with the goal of creating a single source of the most trusted information available for patients with conditions causing chronic, often debilitating pain.

  • Contributing Authors. Hundreds of specialists write for Veritas Health sites - the most insightful, rich and deep information available anywhere. The goal is simple: to help patients with the multiple and often cascading symptoms of their individual painful condition. Read about the preeminent specialists who are Authors on and Authors on, or e-mail us to get involved.
  • Members. Over 1,500 doctors support Veritas Health sites through Membership - a mutually rewarding relationship that provides a high level of exposure to patients for doctors, and provides Veritas Health with the opportunity to serve and profile appropriately qualified health care professionals. Read about Requirements to become eligible to be a Spine-health Member and more.
  • Feedback. We are always looking for more feedback on how to improve the information and the sites. Please contact us with your ideas and comments, and we will do our best to act quickly to followup!

Thank you for considering getting involved - we appreciate your interest and any level of involvement that is right for you.